Restored antebellum home for sale for $3.18M - The Tennessean

in Franklin can be on the marketplace for just a new little a lot more than $3 million.(Photo: Submitted)

The home remained inside the McEwen loved ones for decades then changed hands. Most the actual modern-living stuff is actually in the addition.

Whatever happens inside the future, we wish to protect the actual house, stated Mel Thompson.

Mel and Cheryl Thompson are taking actions to create certain it stays which way. Throughout the particular 1940s, it had been known as the Magnolia Apartments and later on had additional owners, one of whom added the day spa tub as in order to what as soon as must have been a new closet. He had been your mayor involving Franklin which surrendered the area for the Union Army within 1862.

Discoveries of lost history that way made every one associated with the work, funds along with period expended on the restoration worthwhile.

The house had a role inside the Nov. Square feet:6,500, including addition

A step via the door for the historic a portion of the particular home returns the visitor to become able to 1830 once the original section had been built simply by Kerry Harris, whom served below President Andrew Jackson. Once the Thompsons bought it, the house was in foreclosure and also had sat empty to acquire a quantity of years.

Address: 612 Fair St.

She had sewn the robe for a youthful man, mentioned Mel Thompson, and also has been ashamed.

The couple, who've lived inside the home since completing its restoration greater than 2 yrs ago, made 1 various other concession to always be able to modern comfort as well as convenience. Tearing away additions exposed windows hidden behind plaster walls, with regard to example. the 185 years of history that come with it are priceless.

Have a person heard with the Ku Klux? the actual letter writer asks.

It was used as a hospital, similar to every thing else, he said.

The details

There were surprises across the way. They Will discovered an 18-foot-deep cistern out back. the home does possess electricity.

Most associated with those buildings happen in order to be lost to become able to time, either torn down as well as dramatically altered. They Will have got created deed covenants that need the house to remain a single-family residence despite zoning which otherwise would permit its use as an office. Hundreds associated with 1000s of money became millions, although Mel Thompson prefers to not mention an exact amount, and also a handful of months became years.

The new owner will provide an chance to experience that history each day. The Actual home, identified as the Harris-McEwen House, may be restored to be able to its original 1830s condition, including your removal of most plumbing fixtures and operating water.

Special features:Original slate mansard roof;Italianate architecture; seven fireplaces with marble as well as slate mantels;Italian ceiling medallions; original columns upon front porch; original crown molding throughout living room; original poplar floors inside the 1830s section; original heart pine floors ceiling fans reviews within the 1850s section; interior pocket window shutters; and13-inch-thick exterior walls.

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We had watched this house forever, said Mel Thompson, and also knew we necessary to preserve it.

They built the particular supplement knowing that you've in order to live, he said. inside Franklin can be a little more than $3 million. And Also then there was your day a new worker found any long-lost letter written following the Civil War by means of a cousin to among the actual McEwen daughters.

Land: Nine-tenths associated with an acre

The couple tore off porches and additions built following 1867, the date with the homes final real restoration. Individuals covenants additionally avoid long term owners from subdividing the particular lot and also creating extra houses, that provides occurred in other historic properties near to downtown.

Owners Mel and also Cheryl Thompson, that carefully restored your home over a amount of years, produced 1 exception with their strict rules involving authenticity. around 1850, the house ended up being bought by John McEwen, who built a big addition. They Will built a 2,500-square-foot addition from a corner of the particular house in which contains the kitchen and also bathrooms.. the lamps the particular homes one modern element date from the late 1800s.

Show ThumbnailsShow CaptionsLast SlideNext SlideThe Harris-McEwen house in 612 Fair St. 30, 1864 Battle regarding Franklin, said historian Rick Warwick.

They created the selection to invest your serious amounts of cash in an exact restoration. the furnishings are all antiques from your eighteenth and also nineteenth centuries. That They re-mortared all with the bricks around the outside walls as well as preserved essential interior features, such since the ceiling medallions painted by an Italian artist in 1867. the Harris-McEwen house is actually certainly 1 of one with the most authentic examples associated with how a city appeared, and your way folks lived, inside the mid-nineteenth century, he said.

Price: Detailed for $3,180,900

My wife wouldnt i want to go that will far, said Mel Thompson.

The Thompsons are also working using the area to expand the particular Downtown Franklin Historic District to range via the home, which would supply it together with legal protection via inappropriate alterations.

The cost of your house with regard to sale at 612 Fair St

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